Flying Free

It’s blurry yet

But tomorrow it will clear 

We see to the future 

And fly among our dreams 

Soaring with freedom 

On wings of independence 

And hope in our hearts 

Let peace rule the land

Acceptance unite

And tolerance fly high


21 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. After searching my heart and struggling with my conscious I came to a decision and cast my vote. This was the most difficult election I have ever participated in. Almost everyone I talked to felt this way. I am relieved it’s almost over. We will get up and go about our day tomorrow and face the future of our country. May God bless we the people and the President who serves usπŸ˜“

  2. It was OK, but it reminded me why I am single! πŸ™‚ It’s hard to host company for too long, especially in a small apartment. Yes, life does go up and down, and it’s our inner selves that must try to control this roller coaster the best we can…

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