I Pray 

Tomorrow is an important day in the United States of America. I can’t say I won’t be happy when it’s over and done, but I am very nervous. There have been plenty of years that I don’t care for certain candidates running for president, but this year I’m positively freaked out about one of them possibly winning.

It’s a scary thought. I’ve been saddened by the way our country has become such a place of turmoil and divisiveness that creates an environment for such a person.

No one human is perfect for the position, especially in such a complex and torn nation as we are today. Finding harmony with the Congress, the people and other nations makes the job almost impossible for any leader to do successfully.

The best we can hope is that the person coming into the position is a decent person deep within, intelligent with compassion and the ability to be diplomatic. 

Having a big mouth, ego or a narrow view of the world won’t help in my humble opinion. But I am only one vote.

So I pray the majority of people feel like me.


30 thoughts on “I Pray 

  1. There are many people in this country that I personally feel aren’t often sensible I fear. They love bluster and a fight. They think noise and a loud voice mean something and don’t realize that actually getting things done is much harder. There is much ignorance in the world, and it’s become a self centered place. It’s a sad state of affairs and this country I once admired and was proud of, I know feel has fallen far. It used to be a welcoming place, but now people are filled with fear and fear creates mean spirited folks, and unfortunately one candidate played off of this…

  2. I will try to sleep, but I get up a lot, so if I do, I will check on my phone how it’s going. Hey, what can we do? I thought of trying to move out of the US, but not many countries are into Americans anymore, plus I have a lot of lingering commitments here still. So, we must gut it out like every other unhappy person and try to do good.

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