Poem : Unexpected 

Yesterday you were something 

 Strong and juicy 

Walking tall with strutting shoes

And clicking mind

Then life is sliced


The switch is flipped 

And it’s not the same 

You are gone 

Somebody new has come 

Are they visiting 

Or come for good ?

Looking at them 

It seems like you

But new


And only time 

Will intertwine the two 


10 thoughts on “Poem : Unexpected 

  1. Aw gee…I didn’t mean it to be sad really, only reflective. For anyone who has ever experienced anything traumatic in their lives: illness, accident or whatever. How the old you must integrate with the new you, because these things change us. I was thinking about my 2012 car accident, my recent difficulties with my Mom, my friend’s with breast cancer… But I thought it was hopeful? Oh well. Yes, the leave could be an angel. I thought a Phoenix actually! I’ve thought about giving you my personal email, so we can go ‘offline’ and chat if you want. I’ve done it with a few of my blogging pals…?

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