Poem: Ancestors 

I have read 

That at times

We might capture 

The spirit of one dead 

They come as an orb 

No longer human 

But floating 

You might say

It’s a trick 

I say

They are light 

What I know 

Is that they come 

At night 

My ancestors 

Well and whole 

To visit 

They speak their piece 

And then 


To my memory’s corner 

Maybe to re-emergence 


In another form


6 thoughts on “Poem: Ancestors 

  1. We get help from those who went before us in all kinds of form I think….It comforts me to know we are watched over by wiser ones. Beautiful photo…

  2. I read a little book written by a friend of a friend with very cool pictures filled with orbs. Her husband had died suddenly after being very healthy… It was quite fascinating.

  3. I sure do. I read a book Ellyn gave me written by a friend of hers about when this woman’s husband died suddenly. It was filled with these photos of orbs. And other crazy signs…..

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