Being Human

“Being Human is more important than being full in the know.” Pico Iyer

I heard this on a TED talk the other day and thought it very poignant. One can interpret it many different ways I suppose. This gentleman was talking about what we will never know…that the older we get, the less we know.

Most people feel that with age comes wisdom, but maybe Mr. Iyer is correct. Maybe, instead we learn that as humans we really know very little. That with all our technology, science, predictions and machines–there is so much about the world around us, important stuff, that we simply just will never understand.


We might predict if someone has cardiac disease, but not the exact minute they might have a heart attack, or if they will at all. So in the end, even though I moved here to help my Mother, I was not with her the moment hers came, therefore the incident became bigger.

Humans have never been able to predict love: when love will strike, who will be blessed with its arrow or when it will be wrenched away. For the ages poets, writers, painters and almost all creative people have tackled love within their medium. But none can truly define it. It remains a sacred mystery, one that is cherished, sought after and defined abstractly depending who is creating the script. It just is and anyone who has felt it understands it. It’s part of being human. We ‘get’ it, but a Webster definition…? Good luck.


Is ignorance bliss? Maybe in many cases this saying is yes. With the onslaught of the internet and the overabundance of information, being in the know can be a dangerous thing. We have stopped being simply human and relying on those skills we once did that provided us the ability to survive. Our ‘gut’ told us what and who was safe or which way to go; we could sense when our body needed something or when something wasn’t right. Those subtle signals that made the hair stand up, or when we just knew someone was nearby even though we couldn’t see them. Now we ignore signals either about these invisible others (or we are overly sensitive about people different from us) and we are completely out of touch with our own bodies.


How do we begin to detach, then, our ever whirring minds, so filled with all the data, and get back to ‘just being human’? Can we relearn to trust our inner selves again to become at least partially instinctual in our decision-making? It would be hard for many who have become so co-dependent on digital information. They must be ‘in the know’ for everything. Trusting in themselves would be a hard thing. Especially the generation raised on computers–they have been breast-fed on them, so how do they know otherwise?

For me, tuning in more and more–over many years–to my inner voice, the nuances of my physical self and trying to quiet my chattering mind has been a challenge. But it has been one I take on gladly. Because I am human, this is the animal I was born to be, and getting back to the bare bones of this beast is where I belong.

When we truly quiet the mind, turn off the data stream and just be the beast, we become in tune with the Universe and all things sacred.



17 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. The points you raise here are really important. I guess my issue with all this intuition stuff is what the hell do you do with it? For example, for six years now I’ve driven by these two house on my way to and from work, and recently (as in about six months ago) I started thinking about how each one would look with an addition on it. Every time I passed by, I would think this, imagine where it would go, etc. Why would I think this? Then one day I drive by and one house is having an addition put on. Then the other. How did I know this? What does it even matter? I don’t even know these people. This is what confuses me. Why can’t I have these types of premonitions about my own life? At the same time, I know what my gut tells me, but for the life of me I can’t imagine doing what it’s telling me (like quitting my job) without going under. It’s so confusing.

  2. Sorry, it replied too early! It would be interesting to see what it would come out as…are you an intuitive person? I am INFJ…which includes intuitive. Even if it doesn’t, then start listening to your intuition. If it tells you something, write it down. Try to see what it’s telling you. Keep a dream journal. If you get pictures in your mind, like a flash, try to write about it to see what it might mean later. I used to get those. The more you listen and do it, the better you’ll get. And you should always listen to what your own voice says. I ignore mine far too often, and it’s usually right! 🙂

  3. I know what I am, a ENFP! I studied this in a grad course I took with a professor who used to work with the Myers Briggs folks. You know, I used to write down EVERYTHING in my journals, and I don’t anymore. I need to start again. Because you’re right, our intuition always tells us the truth, always. It’s our minds that brush it off. Thank you!

  4. Wow, I’m surprised you’re not intuitive. 🙂 I wonder if you did it now if would be different? I love to journal, although I blog more than I do that now. But it’s the same thing really, just more public. xo

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