Poem: Becoming Whole 

We may walk 

Through tangled and darkened spaces 

Low hanging branches 

Unexpected moments 

When we step off 

On to dangerous ground 

Then we crash along 

Torn and bruised 

Hoping to come out alive 

And if we do


Dripping with sweat 

There is a change 

The creature that entered

No longer exists 

It has morphed

For we have now gone through 

From pain comes strength 

From chaos comes clarity 

And on the other side 

We become Whole


15 thoughts on “Poem: Becoming Whole 

  1. I am a BIG fan of the other side…..now if only we could stay there for just a little while!!!! I hope you get breathing space and peace for a long while my friend.💖

  2. Aren’t you sweet. I am struggling to write poetry. When I read ‘really’ good poetry, I know mine is that of a novice…but it’s fun to try and keep at it! But I so appreciate those of you who encourage my progress! xo

  3. I really like this! We are divided, incomplete beings here (nothingness) and we become whole, complete beings THERE. It seems as if the universe has figured out a way to prevent us from ever experiencing this wholeness.

    Good work!

  4. I believe we must constantly work at becoming whole, and maybe it’s something we can’t ever quite attain. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Your blog is very thought provoking. You obviously do much research and care deeply about your subjects! Thanks for commenting on mine!

  5. Absolutely! I love the work of Alan Watts – because he argues that life is, in essence, a game. We need to figure out that we are IT. Everything that we see (trees, bees, snails, whales) is us. We are only pretending that we are not the entire universe. Humans are just an aperture that the Universal Self uses to get to know itself. The only destination is … us. We are like dogs chasing our tails. I plan to write more on Watts in the near future! I think it will be of interest to you!

    Thank you for stopping by and reading my work! I look forward to reading more of your work!

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