Out The Door!

From a really bad thing came a really good thing. Today my Mom and I decided I should quit my job. As many of my long time followers know, I was really unhappy in that job anyway. From the beginning that position has been hard for me with difficult co-workers, rude doctors, unreasonable managers and unkind people in general. Not what I wanted in a new position.

I felt that when I moved here, that one priority was to be relaxed and enjoy my place of employment. Stress from years of working in the Emergency Medical field had taken its toll and I was ready for a big break. But admittedly I took the wrong position offered to me from a couple of offers. Figuring this was somewhat within my field and giving me the opportunity to meet more people and slightly more money–I jumped at this one.


How wrong I was! Money should never, ever guide us, and I should have known better. And while I did meet some very wonderful friends that I hope to keep, the bulk of the folks there were more of the same uncaring healthcare ‘professionals’ that would sooner spit on you than help you.

So when the opportunity arose to help my Mom get well, you didn’t have to ask me twice to walk out the door. I didn’t even give two weeks, which is not my style at all. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that in my life! But with her health, their attitudes and my degree of frustration, I was out.

To my great surprise and gratitude, my boss was very kind and understanding about it all and even said if there was anything he could do he would. If there were more words like this, maybe there would be more retention there, but sadly he is not the one to talk to most people. It happens I go to him because he’s nicer.


Sadly it’s the loud mouths that run the place who either pretend to be nice or just plain aren’t nice or have their favorites. Of which I was not one. And I am proud not to be! I’m always glad not to be part of the crowd that played games or is too afraid to say what I feel for fear of pissing them off. Bah!

Because I know in my heart what is really important, and it’s certainly not any of those silly folks who can’t walk their talk. It’s about family, real connections and honesty. And hopefully when Mom gets better, it will be time to find a new career. But this time it will be nothing to do with human healthcare!!



30 thoughts on “Out The Door!

  1. You have shown such strength and fortitude through this whole ordeal, back from the very difficult beginning of this job. Now you will be doing what you were meant to do. I wish I could have been there……Well done my friend. This journey will bring you and your mom the joy you have been waiting for😘

  2. One thing I was always told was “Your happiness determines your performance in any job” therefore I’m so happy you decided to get up and leave that job. Nothing should ever make you feel that way, not even a job! I wish you find another job with a whole new positive environment ❀️

  3. Actually I was a very good employee and worked very hard. I showed up on time, learned the job very quickly despite a very poor training program and being unfamiliar with the job, was kind to my fellow employees, but it was the environment that was hard to tolerate. When I moved to this state, I did so for my Mom mostly–but I was also determined not to be miserable within a work place anymore. I took it for a while (even though I tried quitting twice, but they begged me back both times) because I try to be responsible. But this was the last straw, especially when my Mom needs me. I don’t plan to work for a while at least. Not until circumstances change in my life. I appreciate your kind words and well wishes! It will all work out the way it’s supposed to in the end! ❀

  4. Thanks for being with me every step of the way Ran. I couldn’t have done it without you. It’s been a roller coaster but now it’s been worth it all. ❀

  5. Oh Gosh Ann, I know I did! I feel such relief. I have so much more flexibility now and I’m not running ragged from the stress of the job. It was driving me nuts. Thanks Ann for being such a good ‘invisible’ friend! xo

  6. Totally understand. Bob and I both gave up health care related careers years ago because we couldn’t take it anymore. Take care of your mom and try to get some rest.

  7. Fantastic! I don’t know what it’s like in paramedics, but I feel like these are people who need vacations everyday from the work they do. And it will be awesome now that you can spend more family time with you Mother πŸ™‚ Take rest!

  8. Well, I sure tried, that’s for sure. But here, most jobs don’t value their employees. It’s very hard to find a job where they do. Most people struggle to find positions where managers or their bosses care. It’s so sad. Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚

  9. Well, I see a couple of issues here: I don’t have the credentials for one. Usually you would have to be an RN, which I am not. And also, I want out of healthcare! πŸ™‚ But good thought.

  10. So true, that happened to me to many times. I had to actually go to a higher authority in order to get it resolved. Many of them were sour because I was the youngest one in our location that was that much closer to a supervisor position. πŸ™„πŸ™„

  11. It is often about jealousy I believe. Any kind: you were younger so people are jealous. Or if someone has a happy life and they aren’t. Someone may even be unconscious about their unhappiness, but it comes out it weird and mean ways. It’s actually quite sad and I feel ultimately sorry for these people. I try not to harbor grudges against them and simply move on with my life….

  12. I absolutely had to do it. My Mom had a heart attack and got a stent put in. I am helping her now while she recovers. When she is better, I will figure out what my next move should be. But I am very happy to be out of that toxic environment anyway. Thanks for your continuing support! xo

  13. Aw, you are very kind. I feel the same way. And your blogs give such insight into how to live a real and true life. I always appreciate them. You struggle with the things that humans should struggle with and try so hard to walk the right path. I really admire this in a world filled with materialism and greed. It’s so sad. I feel it’s why there is so much hate and death. If more people thought about their inner health and the simple things that can keep them happy, the world would be a better place. Thanks Nisthur Anadi.

  14. This is too much shefali. You have really come far and cross all fence of appreciation.

    You are such a humble and kind you have Beautiful attitude towards life.

    Talking to you is really like fresh breeze of morning . Thanks and Thanks.

    You’re such a beautiful human.

  15. I don’t know the world ‘shefali’? You are all the things back! I feel the same way about you dear. It’s lovely when meet someone that you feel in tuned with… πŸ™‚

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