Gimme Shelter 

So it is upon us. And I guess I’m a typical hurricane groupie taking photos of blowing palm trees. And I guess this isn’t the worst of it yet but I suspect I’ll be sleeping by then. Yup, I’m tired and have a day off tomorrow thanks to mother nature. Like a snow day but better. 

I can definitely see how the media makes it far worse. The hype is dramatic. Although they can provide important information, they seem to go on and on about the scary parts. Enough already!

It’s currently raining like a banshee and the wind is picking up. But less folks are without power because of cement power lines which I noticed we have! Oh joy. I do admit, I did not enjoy being without power for 11 days in the winter. It got old very fast. It wouldn’t be as bad here. 

Here is one dude that’s not happy. Somehow they know. But he’s gone potty enough so should be good till morning when it’ll be over. 

For now he’s found his own evacuation shelter of sorts. 

And his sister will stand by to make sure everything is okay. Meanwhile, we ride the rest of it out and see what it’s like in the morning!