Poem: Beware!

Beware of this frog!

His poison will do bad things 

Admire from afar!


48 thoughts on “Poem: Beware!

  1. That is correct….we destroy the natural habitat once again. I must be very diligent when I take the dog out…esp at night. I bring a flashlight with me! But this guy was out in plain daylight.

  2. SLUDGE was that ancronym for what happens to people with neuro poisoning…. Salivation, lacrimation, urination, defecation, gastrointestinal distress, emesis…. Bad, bad, bad. If this happens, you are probably gonna die.

  3. Sadly there were horrible photos posted from some foreign countries where they had sprayed a gas and many innocent people, many children, suffered/died this way. It should be banned from war. You have to have a very special injection immediately to save you…. we carried some on our ambulances for a while, but they would save like two of us. Not the patients. It’s very expensive. Easy to kill people, not so easy to fix.

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