Poem: Never More!

There are days 

That feel 

Like the Raven 

Sits right above 

My shoulder 

Peering down 

On me

With tiny dark eyes. 

She twists her head 

Back and forth 


Looking for that shiny thing.

But on those days 

That Raven sits-

The days she is sent 

To pull off glittering gelt-

None she will find. 

For rather it be

A bird of Poe

Ominous and dark 

Seeking out one who dwells

Deep within a tunnel 

Away from the light. 

Raven comes

Drawn to the black 

Yet looking for glimmer. 

I listen 

As she tries to speak me

And slowly feel the gloom lift.

She whispers in my ear:

“Never more!”


16 thoughts on “Poem: Never More!

  1. I adore the way your mind works……and that you share it. I heard ravens calling to each other when I was home this summer and it was a call I had not heard. It was fascinating and rather startling. A gentleman nearby was listening and told me they were ravens. I have been smitten ever since.

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