Poem: Scarcity 

Will I always be 

A lonely flower like thee

Here in scarcity?


22 thoughts on “Poem: Scarcity 

  1. i’ve been blessed you came into my life 23 or so years ago– always here for you in this life – previous ones and to infinity and beyond !!

  2. I was thinking of a higher power, but not necessarily from a religious standpoint, more of a spiritual one. And angels. And friends, neighbors, and family who we might think have forgotten us, but would be there for us in our time of need. I also recognize not everyone believes in a higher power or angels or thinks anyone cares about them.

  3. Yes, you may be right. But we can still ‘feel’ lonely even if others may be ‘with’ us… that’s the catch sometimes. As loneliness comes from within I suppose and sometimes it’s not always easy or feasible to remember or believe that others are thinking of us or with us spiritually depending what space we’re in. I’m not necessarily speaking of me at this particular moment, but I know there have been times this has been true for me–and certainly others… This is how depression consumes people.

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