The New Digs!

Now I just need a couch…and some rest!


16 thoughts on “The New Digs!

  1. How utterly simply beautiful. And it looks to me like puppy is smiling! Our pets love us so much that I think if they know we are happy, they are happy. Your new home sends good vibes through the pictures…..all shall be well. Sleep cozy my friend……

  2. So here’s the scoop on ‘the things’: I was a geology major in college, so college rocks of all sorts, some semi precious. I also have a dollhouse (as you know) and some mini’s. I inherited my granny’s china (which I personally didn’t necessarily want) so that’s around too, but I could have done w/o. In my room is my mediation altar with some special things I have gathered through the years from friends and elsewhere, but I also keep things given/made by my children. I had much more, but got rid of lots. So yes, I do have some stuff. But maybe you have tools or things like that? Things you need a shed for and just don’t keep it ‘out’. IDK? My home still feels less plastic than many places here…maybe cause of all my keepsakes?? Don’t judge 🙂

  3. Actually, they are all stressing. 😦 He is all off and I’m a little worried about him for tomorrow when I’ll be gone all day. His stomach is off and his potty routine all wrong. Blah. Cats are hiding and hissing. Ugh. I knew this would happen, but they will have to deal. I’ve promised myself that I will stay here no matter how I feel until they are all gone.

  4. I got rid of lots actually. Some I give to friends…it’s special when you give something you really love to someone you love. But I still have stuff I love too.

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