All Moved! 

Got up bright and early to be ready and get last minute stuff done. 

But not before I had last minute snuggles with my unsuspecting family, who by the way, are adjusting quite well. Just my black kitty Luna doing her usual hissing. 

The moving truck did an amazing job backing down my crazy driveway. It reminded me of the years of backing the ambulance into tight, often icy ones. 

I did not heed this sign, as I’ve been moving at warp speed. Yes, I know, I’m insane because my boxes are basically unpacked already. All that is left are hanging pictures and setting up my dollhouse. I’m simply too exhausted. 

This is what happens when you are obsessive compulsive. I can’t stand having things out of place. Oh well. 

Tomorrow I will finish and do a bit of shopping. Then Monday try to get a couch. 

Meanwhile, tonight I will fall dead asleep!


18 thoughts on “All Moved! 

  1. My ISP turned out to be really helpful when needed, had a good chat and fixed the issue in less than ten minutes. Yeah, the help desk person was a yap (yet another pomme) in NZ, but the service was great and straight to the point

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