Looking Like It

A lot of shoes? Well I used to have more! I chucked some this round too.

Everything off the walls! It looks barren.

The first car load went in today. And this stack will head in over the weekend. I should have a lot done by the time the movers come a week from tomorrow. 

And I can’t forget this important box!!


10 thoughts on “Looking Like It

  1. You are so brave to be going through this yet again!! I can’t believe you have to pack and move for the 2nd time in a year……Blessed Be my darling friend๐ŸŒŸ May this be it for a while!!

  2. Moving is awful. But hopefully the second time is a charm!! I really love the new little place. It’s cozy really. I am beginning the understand the charm of tiny places. They hug you. I just hope the pets all make it OK. Met another new neighbor with an adorable rescue dog she just got! She’s from Mass, but has a daughter who lives in NH right in our stopping grounds in Wilton! She knew the whole area. It was nuts. She was really sweet. It’s gonna be great Ran. xooxoxoxox

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