Condo Fashion 

Pretty soon I’ll be packing my poor unsuspecting furry family in the car and we’ll be moving. I feel like a traitor. While the cats at this point think the big boxes are great fun to play hide and seek in, they have no clue what evil they truly represent. 

Since my condo is located in a pretty confusing mass of look alike buildings, I made this section of highlighted map for my Mom. I’m sure I  will get lost for quite a while. Every place looks the same–it’s a bit like a Sci-fi movie or The Twilight Zone. 

My dog decided to distinguish himself from other dogs, and to stand out in the new neighborhood, he would show his true side. He’s a very peaceful dog, and told me he’s quite sure one karmic life was spent as a hippie-dog/flower-dog. That’s why he and I get along so well!

Sometimes he might be a bit more daring and flashy. Those days he’ll call attention to himself with more of a Latino flare. See, he’s very open to all sorts of friends too, and hoping the Chihuahuas in the area will dig him.

And then there will be the low key walks, where just a touch of color will do. Nothing fancy for those days when it’s just the two of us strolling around and we may not really feel like talking to any other new mutt who comes nosing our way. Those days he feels more shy.

And now: what to wear to impress the birds?? We may have to get a whole new wardrobe!!!


10 thoughts on “Condo Fashion 

  1. You and the furries will be a blessed and charming addition to the neighborhood. Sounds like the place could use the breath of fresh air coming their way!! I’m

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