Poem: Tree

Ah to be a tree

Gazing down upon thee

Does thy mighty height 

Give you special sight?

To see those below 

Who wander to and fro

Never seeming to care

Or bother to dare

To speak kind words 

So they can be heard 

By those who you see

While you stand as a tree


42 thoughts on “Poem: Tree

  1. If that means a ‘good witch’, then you’re talking to one baby, like I said….I was never ‘officially’ wiccan, but I consider myself pagan more than anything if I must define myself spiritually. Someday, we’ll talk… πŸ™‚

  2. Good witch, white witch, same difference.
    Her parents were on the dark side, they ran a double coven in south london.. I have met some interesting folks over the years πŸ˜€

  3. OK, that’s what I figured you meant…yes, that’s bad/evil. And it’s unfortunate. Because ‘true’ witches from back years and years ago, were truly the wise women from communities. They were the mid-wives and the women that knew the herbal remedies. They healed people and did good things. That’s why they were hunted and killed…they knew too much. So it’s a shame that people give them a bad rap. It ticks me. The real ones never practiced ‘bad magic’. The propaganda from the Christians wanted it to look that way so they could spread their religion instead. Just sayin.

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