Inspection today. Same guy as last time and we passed with flying colors! He loved the place in fact. He sees places all the time, prefers condos to houses, and said that this one was a winner. Joy!

New kitchen, bathroom, paint job, rugs, lighting and much newer air conditioning and hot water heater. 

It’s also slightly bigger and a two bedroom. I give up the lake view, but have a sweet little back room and a nice back area that I hope to make into a patio. 

So they still have to interview me, and I have an orientation and the closing of course, but unless they decided I’m some weirdo (which I hope no one that knows me will divulge), all should go smoothly. Hopefully I’ll be in there in a few weeks!

Home sweet home. 

Now the miserable chore of packing begins tomorrow. 


10 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. Oh my gosh what a lovely new home you have! Well done. It looks so new and in such great shape. I pray the best of everything for you while you live there…. and the hope that this is the last time you have to pack up for a long time……

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