Soaking Up The Rays

As many of you readers know, I’ve been on a mission of contentment in my life. Pretty much since I moved almost a year ago…and maybe even some years before that really. Coming to the south was part of that on a number of levels for obvious reasons. Gee, I figured living where it was warm all the time, well, I would just naturally just be happier.

Today I had an interesting realization related to that expectation. Usually this time of year, as midsummer rolled around in New England, I would almost get depressed. I love spring and summer. They were my favorite times of year! You can’t beat the beauty of those seasons in the North–let’s face it! The budding flowers, then in full bloom, the trees filling out with their greenery, the smells and birds. And of course, the lack of snow and cold!!! This was the best part.


Winters could seem endless there: the blizzards, downed power lines, leaking roofs, shoveling snow, winter jackets/boots/mittens/hats/scarves and frozen body parts, plus the driving. It was all just awful! When those days finally melted away into warmth, it was heaven on earth. Those who haven’t experienced it, well, they don’t know real beauty.


So when August would come, I would think: summer is half over and that means Fall and that means it will start getting cold soon. I know, silly of me, but I couldn’t help it! The summers seemed so darn short some years and the winters horrendously LONG. And time just moves faster now that I’m older. All the projects one planned for the summer, there was never enough time…


But I realized today: wait a minute….there IS no real winter here! No fall or snow coming in few months. In fact, it’s lovely weather (although I haven’t minded the hot weather either). It was crazy to think about! I’m tan, have no winter clothes to drag out, no boots to find, no moth eaten hats, no rusty shovels to find…nope, just my flip flops. Yesss!

True, the gardens aren’t as nice. I do miss that terribly. I’m not crazy about cactus or Palm trees, or lizards. But I have seen Cardinals and some other cool birds. Maybe the new place I’ll put up a feeder. And maybe I’ll try some more potted plants. And since it’ll be my own back yard (sort of), I’ll sit out more and enjoy.

You see, I have this tan now–all year round!




6 thoughts on “Soaking Up The Rays

  1. I also think there is no place like New England in summer. It’s my favorite time of year. But I admit that I fantasize about what it would be like to live an outdoor lifestyle year round without freezing to death part of it. I guess there are pros and cons to everything.

  2. So interesting that you posted this today. I felt the season shift into the beginning of late summer tonight. After the summer we had, I am ready. But for me, I start to feel that mild panic of knowing that sooner than I like, I will be having to shut my windows at night…. oh no. Soak up some extra rays for me!🌞🌞🌝

  3. Ha! That’s so funny, but of course you would feel that way too. The beginning of August most definitely marks that transition time! Of course someone reminded me here that we have to worry about hurricanes here. Oh, thanks for that, but that last bad one was 11 years ago. Power outages etc. We have periodic outages due to bad storms, but at least we’re warm. 🙂

  4. You are totally right! There’s good and bad everywhere you go! It’s flat here for biking, but the traffic is awful. It’s hot all the time, but the creepy bug and snakes are spooky. They have Lyme disease, we have Zeka (soon). They have blizzards, we have hurricanes (I hear). So, hey, one just have to be happy wherever….!!

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