By A Thread 

Things can hang by a thread. 

Someone’s life, a relationship, an ecosystem, the love between two people or even our pets when they become ill.

Life is fragile, tender and fleeting. So are physical things like hand-blown glass objects. Some business deals can be touchy too. Often Real Estate deals are like this, not over until you really move in.

My most recent one was like that as it fell through. The inspection showed multiple problems, some of them serious. Walls coming down due to water damage and mold etc. No thanks! I’m not up for that at this stage of the game. Too many other places to see.

In fact I’m ready to look at some now if the agent would ever show up. It’s pouring out now. Ugh. 

But I’m hopeful. No lake view I’m afraid, which I’m sad about, but I couldn’t risk the issues. 

Later…. Saw a very nice one that was much nicer than the first inside, but without the view. But the back is not bad and I can beautify. Everything is up to date and new, no obvious damage like the other one and very bright. 

Offer in, awaiting the counter. 

Everything hangs by a thread. In the grand scheme of importance, buying a home isn’t as critical as a life as there is always another one to buy.

But I would sure love to wrap this up. 



18 thoughts on “By A Thread 

  1. I’m on to a new property. Much nicer…albeit more expensive, but the other one could have ended up costing more in the long run! I have made huge mistakes before–in fact I still own a home that was hard to sell because of it’s issues. It’s ‘charming’ in an old/rundown sort of way. :)Luckily I have a great young couple there now renting to own.

  2. I’m not a good consumer in general anymore period. I simply don’t like shopping. And I don’t like my routine broken. So this whole thing brings me anxiety. I just want it over so I can get my life back in order…it’s my OCD. :/

  3. Indeed, they countered, I came back and they accepted. It’s a much nicer place, just w/o the view. Or well, can’t have everything. I will make a lovely spot outside my porch and I can walk to the little lake which is very close. xo

  4. You are SO right Ann. That’s why we do an inspection. 🙂 Awaiting an inspection date on the new property I picked out. This should go better as the place is in far better shape. 🙂

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