It was today. Can’t say it was perfect. New water heater needed and some water damage. But I still really love the little place. 

It’s because of my back yard and view. The water is so peaceful. 

Everything else hopefully can be fixed. I will wait for the final word. Keeping my fingers crossed. 


16 thoughts on “Inspection 

  1. Wow. It really does look so peaceful and sweet. I will say hopeful prayers that all goes well. Blessed be my dear friend.🌞💖

  2. Yes actually. Shot water heater which flooded all over. Mold which is a bad problem down here. Walls that must be redone. Waiting for the full report so we can re-negotiate. Hope the deal doesn’t fall through actually. But this is an issue that the seller would have to address for anyone! No-one will buy it with this problem! They will either have to take the money off so I can fix it, or fix it before I move in…!!

  3. It is, but there were some definite issue that must be addressed by the seller. Sooo, it could all fall through sadly if they don’t. Blah. You know how these things go. It ain’t over till it’s over. Just waiting for the final inspection report so we can begin negotiations.

  4. Deal is off. Too much work to be done. Don’t have the time or energy to get walls torn down etc. There are other equally nice places that don’t need the work, it’s silly. Going to look at places today. 🙂

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