Behind The Curtain 

Often we see something and may find it odd. We may judge it, think it peculiar or not to our taste. If it’s different from what we might do or what we are used to, then we dismiss it as wrong and maybe even bad.

But we are only looking at things from our narrow perspective. We’ve become myopic in our belief system maybe because of the way we were raised. It’s easy in our world of constant media bombardment to see certain things skewed in any particular way of one’s choosing. Whether you are conservative, liberal, militant, a pacifist or whatever  –there’s sure to be some media stream spouting about it.

So we become narrow, and may only see a part of what’s really going on. It may appear that we know the whole story all the time, the man (or cat as it may happen) behind the curtain, and what they are up to. And we may want to judge why they are hiding behind their facades  (or curtains as the case may be).

But don’t judge too harshly!  They may have a perfectly reasonable explanation. They may not be odd or different or even peculiar. It may simply be they are hiding from something specific. 

And it’s your job to figure out what that something might be!


13 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain 

  1. So true! If we just took the time to understand why others feel and believe the way they do, it would be a much better world. (As your cat just demonstrated, everyone has a reason for what they are up to!)

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