Tiny Home

There comes a time in life where dreams, schemes and your belief system all come crashing together and it’s time to see if you can walk your talk. So it has come to pass for me.

For some time now I have been fascinated and, well, even more than that, committed, shall we say to the idea of tiny homes. The idea of minimalizing one’s space and one’s ‘stuff’ as George Carlin so wonderfully put it in a beautiful routine some years ago–and living in much less square footage.

Some do it in as little as 150 square feet! These folks amaze me. The homes I follow on Instagram are lovely, quaint, mobile (some of them), in trees, on water, in the mountains, in the city, in the desert, eco-friendly, made out of recycled material–you name it. But the one thing they have in common is that the living space is very small.

When I made my move last year, I went from a three/four bedroom farm house, to a one bedroom apartment. The square footage was maybe 400-500 feet less if you included the porches I had, which we used quite a bit. What I knew was that I gave up lots of ‘stuff’ and space…willingly. Gave my things to friends, the dump or anyone who would take it. And it felt freeing!

But I still had lots actually. This place I’m in now was advertised as 1000 square feet. It was hard to believe, but when I comfortably moved in the stuff I had, it appeared to be true.

Now will come to true test of my willingness and ability to carry out  my hope and dream to live more simply. Today I just put in an offer to own a condo that is less than 700 square feet of living space. No, it’s not an amazing and beautifully made tiny house in the middle of some lush forest. But is an adorable space that overlooks water. It was very peaceful.

The other part of it that was so attractive is that it is part of a community. This is another ideal that I feel is very important for me personally, and  for the healing of the world. Instead of many individual, separate houses–each with their own lawn mowers, weed eaters, tools etc. (all creating more garbage for the world)– more communal living I feel is what is needed. Plus creating community, where people care for and about one another; instead of neighborhoods where no-one knows their neighbor anymore which has been becoming the standard. It takes a village to raise our kids. Maybe this would help to stop some of the hatred?
This place has a pool (three actually), workout area, community room and I hear it’s very active. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. I already know folks from work who live there and it’s very close to my job, so my co-workers and I can socialize more.

Of course, I am nowhere near the closing and anything can happen, but I feel hopeful. Things have been going well for me here recently . My Mom has been such a big help with this all and has encouraged me with this decision.

Now to make the tiny space into a tiny home with big contentment.


11 thoughts on “Tiny Home

  1. Rick and I bought our dream home last October. It’s a tiny bungalow built in 1930. We have a dog and 1 cat though we are currently babysitting 2 other dogs, so 4 4-legged and 2 2 legged animals currently residing in approximately 650 square feet. We LOVE it! Great yard full of gardens and tiny shop for Rick, but best of all, world’s greatest neighbors! Good luck..
    I really hope it works for you…you will love the water energy for sure!

  2. This is exciting! I love the idea of less and keep trying to work towards it. I can’t wait to see how it all goes. Yes, anything can happen but you have made effort and commitment to be happy there and I believe your actions will bring you good. Rejoice my friend…..

  3. I’ll settle for being content. This will be good. A very happy medium in my life. Living with less has been something I have been striving for and doing the more I go along. I like it. We Americans gather too much unnecessary stuff. Yes, this is a good thing for sure…

  4. Cool, then mine will be a luxury mansion with about that much space for just one of me! 🙂 If you guys can do it, then I certainly can. You’ll have to give me hints of how one does it in a smaller space. There must be special tricks for using space wisely. I will have no ‘shop’ although I wish I had some storage space. And sadly, I have no real garden space, only pots that I can plant in…that I do miss a lot. It’s not terribly landscaped. I’m not sure if I can plant bushes near my patio. I’ll have to see? If so, then I will make mine the nicest place. I just hope no alligators come crawling out of the ‘lake’. Ick. But there were cool birds strolling by…..

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