Under Cover 

Looks like I will be going under cover. The only way to rent here with all my pets is to go stealth. This is the advice from everyone I have spoken to including the real estate people. Simply don’t mention one of the cats. Most places allow 2 pets, so one will be invisible. And technically she is because she is a fraidy cat. No one will ever see her.

So the trick will be slipping her in. But from the stories I’ve heard where folks have 6 cats and they manage to go unnoticed, I suppose I will be ok.

I’m usually a pretty honest person but the rules here are beyond crazy. It’s time to put my rebel hat on. In the grand scheme of rules to break, I don’t feel too bad about this one.

So now when I am looking for places I say that I have a dog and a cat. We’ll pretend my black kitty is invisible because I’m usually the only one that will see her…besides you guys.


10 thoughts on “Under Cover 

  1. This is the reason I am not a fan of any society that has too many rules. All it does is force people to ignore the rules, and do what they think is right anyway. I would do the same thing in your shoes!

  2. I have two dogs and two cats, way over the limit lol. Just think of it as rescuing and protecting independent souls in a communist country hehe

  3. Honestly thank you so much for telling me this! I actually wanted to know if this was a general rule or if my state was some weird hateful animal state! I’ve owned my own place for so many years that I haven’t come across this rule. It makes no sense. So I started blaming it here and got all down and added it to the list of all the things I don’t like about being here. I’m very glad to know that it’s fairly common…..

  4. I hear you. It does seem like a silly rule. A friend said it’s on the line like spitting on the street. There are some rules that just need to go away. I mean we pay huge pet fees! So if our pets destroy the place, they get tons of money anyway!

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