Three Pets

So I finally decided to change it up here, get out of my dull life, try to get into this place and be more proactive in my life. Who would have ever thought that I’d hit a major road block with a great attitude like this one?

No it’s not that I’m broke or have no credit…In fact I have wonderful credit. I’m gainfully employed and have a good work history. I can give good references, have lived in places for long times too. You could do a criminal background check on me and find that my murder charges are from a long ago….ha ha. No seriously folks, not even a speeding ticket.

Honestly, I’m your model citizen. I’ve owned my own homes for most my life really, but have moved here and have chosen to rent instead. Partly because I still own a home and am still trying to sell it and partly because I just don’t want to own right now. But I am the kind of person that would leave something better than how I found it–at least I think so.

So why can’t I find a place to rent? It’s not for lack of places, or resources even. There’s a simple, and to me unfair and silly explanation:

It’s because of the number of pets that live with me!

I’m the watch cat Mummy

Where I live now, in this state, just about every living situation–even if you plan to buy something is governed by rules and regulations that restricts pet ownership. Many say none, some say 1, all rental buildings allow only 2 and some have size limitations. It’s nuts to me. So you can have two eighty pound dogs, but not one little dog and two cats. One guy had the nerve to ask me if I would just get rid of one of my cats! Obviously not an animal lover! I told him I didn’t drive all the way here, alone with my three pets just to give them away. His place wasn’t that great! Sheesh.

I’m feeling sad too Mommy

Right about now I’m feeling pretty low. I’m starting to know what it must feel like to be blocked out of housing, to have someone say: the likes of you can’t live here.That may sound crazy, but I felt like that as we went from one place to another and got turned away. My heart was thumping.

It might as well been the color of my skin. Because this is me, loving my animals is who I am, defines me as a person. Just like you can’t wash off the color of someone’s skin, you can’t tell me to just stop loving my pets and having them be a part of my life.

And anyone who doesn’t get that clearly has never been a pet lover. It would be like me telling someone to just get rid of one their kids! Seriously, would he have done that to someone else if they only allowed two kids in that place? Laughable.

That guy was a ninny Mom! Don’t even listen!

Nope, they’re coming with me wherever I end up. We’re in it together and they depend on me to make it work.

And you can bet I will!

We’re all together xoxo

32 thoughts on “Three Pets

  1. Good for you for sticking with your animals! And who decided that one dog and two cats was too many? That’s just silly! I can see not wanting a tenant with, say, ten dogs or twelve cats. But three animals? And two of them are cats, which are not exactly big? Nonsense…

  2. Well, I learned yesterday that one of my criteria via state law here is out of the question as they only allow 2 pets per apt if it’s managed by a company or most condo type situations. That means I cannot move to a ‘more social’ type situation as I had hoped. This keeps me isolated. My only hope is that I can still get a private home owned by a landlord that will be open to 3 pets and me that will be closer to work. This will at least allow me to socialize more with folks from there. If not, then well….I’m not sure what I can do? Then has this move been a partial mistake?

  3. Read the comment I wrote to feralc4t. You can see the laws here are very stringent and the private homes for rent are few and snapped up quickly. So I’m quite worried I won’t find something. I have 2 months, so I left myself lots of time. But….???? I agree with you that it seems silly, but I can’t worry about that anymore. It is what it is Ann. Maybe laws are like this everywhere? I honestly don’t know because I’ve owned my own home for years and years.

  4. That seems a bit strange. It would be better defined by volume as your three critters would not take the space of two great danes. Stupid people with stupid rules

  5. It really stinks. Looks like I’m going to have to lie about how many I have Ann. It’s not something I prefer to do, but I guess this is how people do it down here! Ugh.

  6. Mum and I are actually plotting now to buy something. Rentals are high and either crappy or too ritzy honestly. But even buying, believe it or not, have pet constraints, so one way or tuther, looks like I will be going under cover! 🙂

  7. The three of us, Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself from the blog “Gilmours Nice Place” wish you all the very best in your endeavours. We know that eventually, things will turn out just right and you´ll be very happy with the outcome. Sir Winston says that sometimes in life, one cannot see the benefits lying ahead when things go pear-shaped but in the end, EVERYTHING is for the good. He´s such a clever clogs sometimes but he´s usually right on such things. Mr Midnight says Meow and purr, purr.! 🙂

  8. Awwww I’m so proud of you!! I was thinking about this topic a few days ago because I want to move as my family has grown however I think I would have a problem moving anywhere else as I have 7 parrots and 1 reptile not to mention 3 young kids lol.. so I can completely relate to this! Our pets are our family, leaving them behind is NOT an option! You will find something and it will be better than everything else you have seen, STAY STRONG!!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. You’re behind the posts. 🙂 Closed on a condo yesterday and moving day is next week! Thanks for caring. We hope to be happy in our new home. It will take a bit of adjustment, but we’ll survive. xo

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