Don’t Hide!

Sometimes there is nowhere to hide. Maybe if I just lay in here no-one will notice me? I can sort of blend in…

We all have moments where we just want to go unnoticed, be camouflaged or part of the background. But try as we might, we may end up sticking out anyway for some reason. 

Maybe circumstances put us there (or a cat) or fate. Whatever reason: embrace the moment! Maybe you can turn it around into something else? Don’t hide! Come forward boldly, be who you are and enjoy life’s ride!


10 thoughts on “Don’t Hide!

  1. When I saw your first photo of the toy mouse in the cat food…it reminded me of my cat Anika. She would throw her favorite toy (a worn-out little stuffed orange alligator)—into her food bowl, her water bowl, and then she’d toss it into her litter box for a while. After she did that, she would carry that alligator in her mouth, just about everywhere she went. Every day she would follow this same routine. It finally dawned on me that this stuffed toy was the equivalent of a child to her. First she made sure it had enough food, then she let it float a while in the water, and finally she would carry it over and throw it into the litter box. All of her “baby’s basic needs” were always met. Very cute.

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