This fellow was outside on the grounds when I came out of work. He only has one good leg, yet he seems to manage pretty well.

Like me, he has learned to balance in life. To take the time to make adjustments when life might throw something to knock you over.

Maybe you are no longer the person  you once were–thrown off kilter by the unexpected. And now you stand as a different you.

But no matter what changes, whether physical or other, it is all still you.

For we are not finite. Instead, an ever morphing being. And it is our job, like this bird, to go with each change and think:

I am a Phoenix


12 thoughts on “Phoenix 

  1. I don’t like change either. And life certainly does throw us the occasional heart stopper. A friend once said to me: At which moment would you freeze your life? If you could stop change, how would you choose when? It’s a moot point because we can’t, but it made me think. And in the meantime, life continues to keep us on our toes and looking over our shoulder…..but it beats the alternative. Believe in yourself and trust your intuition…..

  2. You are right, we can’t stop time in the past, but I loved my 30’s. Kid’s were young, you guys were around, loved my home, happily married. I had a certain peace then. But my intuition doesn’t always do me right, or something over-rides it…my head maybe? I don’t know. It’s hard to believe in myself as I’ve made so many choices that have made me unhappy/discontent. I understand this is part of my life, but at some point, I’d like to be content. 🙂

  3. More of a parachute jump without a parachute down a gigantic cliff with outcrops of sharp rock and tree limbs to career through and over.. Still, the bottom gets closer every day 😀

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