The Next Move

Decisions, decisions. Argh. It’s been 10 months since my move and that I’ve lived here. Yikes, time flies when you’re having fun, and even if you’re not. So as many of you know I’ve been struggling a bit with work, social life, the area etc. Even my apartment and the crazy landlady has been difficult.

And in my lease there was a clause where I had to let her know 60 days before the lease is up if I was staying on or going. That means I have to let her know within very short order if I’m moving….again. Ugh.


With everything I’ve felt since I’ve been here, this has given me a pit in my stomach. Yes, work is a tiny bit better, but it’s certainly not heaven. I’ll never feel that I love the area, but it’s tolerable. And I definitely decided that my landlady’s constant harassment is more than I can stand.

So the decision was: do I just move away completely or just to a different apartment? There are ups and downs with both choices. Family and friends are the main pull for maybe moving back where I used to be, especially now that one daughter is having a baby. But I came here to be closer to my Mom and try on a new set of wings, and one year doesn’t seem like much of chance to give it a go.


After talking with friends, sleeping on it, thinking hard I think I’ve made my decision. I need to move for sure because this place is isolating and too far from work. I’m thinking that maybe if I move closer and to a place where I can socialize more with folks from my job and neighbors, then maybe I won’t feel so down all the time.

This might help my whole outlook. Well, I hope so. The lack of friends is tough…even just one! I mean people are nice at work, but on weekends, there is nothing but crickets.

This is the plan anyway… Hey, this year, like most–sped by like the speed of light. If next September rolls by and I’m still feeling like it isn’t happening, then I cut my losses and figure out the next move.



17 thoughts on “The Next Move

  1. I can’t believe it has been ten months…. It is so hard to make these decisions. Being closer to work sounds like a good place to start though. You will just know what’s right when it’s time. Sometimes we never know the reasons for life events………

  2. i’m very proud of you for the courage to take this huge change on — and for thinking about all the aspects — you always give me courage — always have and you know what i’m talking about – i’m with you always – E

  3. Ugh, believe me, I don’t really want to do it. My pets will be devastated and I’m really upset about this aspect. I hate moving, but it seems I have no choice. Esp knowing I may be doing it again in a year… blah.

  4. Why does life have to go so fast? Yes, it is so hard esp when we get older and I am one that doesn’t like changes anymore. It seems like I should do the exact opposite of what I think I should do because everything I decide comes out wrong?? Who knows….

  5. This is funny Ann because: I don’t trust myself, don’t know what feels right and don’t usually know what’s best for me! I wonder if I should do the exact opposite to what I think because what I pick usually ends up being wrong! 🙂 It’s crazy. I actually thought maybe this should be my theory. I’ve given up thinking I should trust my gut….grrrr. It’s scary.

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