Wrung out from the weekend 

A bit frazzled. And now….

It’s back to the madness…..


43 thoughts on “Madness 

  1. I get that. But I actually loved school. It’s where my friends were. I missed 1 day in 4 years of HS! And that was because of a car accident. 🙂

  2. It was one of those things I had to do, I did not take time off or miss it in any way, I just did it. Did not do too badly as it happens, but hated every minute of it..

  3. I guess it’s how we each approached it. To me it got me out of the house, which wasn’t my favorite place. I love to learn and continue to feel that way today. I kept going to school into adulthood. I still think about going even now…

  4. I think that works well for some people. I’m not sure I would be good at that because I’m a ‘hands on’ kind of person. Reading something might not be enough for me I’m afraid? And I don’t know if I’d be disciplined enough. Plus most the things I want to do would require actual doing the things….so at least some of the stuff would have to be classroom.

  5. The stuff I was doing was like constructing platforms that would hold a party of a hundred or so, or wiring an electric motor in differenet ways to improve efficiency. I kinda liked that stuff in an abstract way.

  6. Wow, and you didn’t have didactic portions? I could never learn that stuff by reading it? I would end up dumping all the people on the ground or electrocuting everyone! I could read it, but then I’d have to practice with someone. That would be like teaching someone to be a paramedic and never having hands on experience! 🙂

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