Poem: Come Closer 

Come closer to me my love 

So I might feel your light 

That tender fluttering of my heart 

Come closer to me my sweet 

So that I might taste the tenderness of your touch 

In that delicate moment of communion 

Come closer to me my dearest 

For life is fragile and easily lost

So we must dance together while we can

You have come my darling 

In all your beauty 

And my soul is flying!


30 thoughts on “Poem: Come Closer 

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  2. Exactly, I saw one of the last Monarch Butterflies of the year a few weeks ago, poor bugger was just about done, i placed it in a warm spot to recover.. Albeit briefly

  3. Ha…well, first of all, they only way they reproduce is on milkweed pods. That’s the issue. With all the fields being turned into parking lots or buildings, there are no longer any fields for these to grow. It has reduced their population by huge amounts. I recall when I was a kid, I would see them fluttering everywhere. Now we are lucky to see any. Same with milkweed…they were abundant in backyards. I tried to plant some (you can buy seeds now just to help the monarchs) but they didn’t do very well. Maybe they are doing well now on my property in NH, I don’t know?? I hope so. So I wish it was that simple….

  4. I did plant some milkweeds, but they didn’t grow in my garden anyway. I honestly feel they need to be the native kind anyway to manage in particular growing zones……

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