Two Different Too


Two different. These books are as different as they could possibly be and were given to me at work today (one on loan and one as a gift) by two different people too. My co-workers are as different as the books are: one man, one woman, one sort of nervous and hyper; the other quiet and poised. But both very nice and friendly and I took an instant liking to each.

The man who loaned me the Stephen King book, is a movie buff. We chatted about a movie recently that King created, so that prompted him to bring this book in for me because he thought I would enjoy it.

With the other book, my woman co-worker and I eat every day quietly in the lockers away from everyone else. She figured I would appreciate the daily meditations in the book she gave me. It’s gently loved as she’s used it for many years, but got a new one from her son, so passed in on to me, making it very special.

These gifts made my day. I love to read and it meant that some folks are reaching out, that they thought of me beyond work. It was very cool. It’s been almost six months there and a very difficult place: clicky and weird. Gosh, I don’t fit in on a good day most places, but this place: forget about it.So this was monumental.

Maybe there’s hope yet, even if you’re different.


29 thoughts on “Two Different Too

  1. I agree, people sharing their books with you just shows that they think a lot of you! Sometimes we just need to see the proof of that. I’m glad you did!

  2. Its interesting no how Steven King writes, he types in plots, characters, locations, etc., into a computer — and the computer writes a lot of the material in his book.
    This is a little known fact that I found out from an editor friend of mine.

  3. i used to always be severely depressed, and being different always made me feel worse – after finding friends like you an getting onto better paths — so much got better — soo what todays’ words make me think of is that – you my precious friend — and your being different — allows others who may be feeling too different also — albeit in their own personal whatever ways that is — feel that lovely energy from you and realize they like sharing your space — because they are safe there– i’m not sure words express what i’m trying to tell you but i know you ‘get me’ most the time !! love E

  4. And these are some of the most lovely words I could hear from a most precious and ‘different’ friend that I treasure dearly. You taught me that I COULD be loved within my differentness too, and accepted. It was a gift. I think I treasure my ‘outside the box’ friends the most! xo

  5. Hmmm, well I could believe that of newer books because they are awful in my opinion, but the older ones, not so much. They were pretty well written and thought out. But the point of the post was less about him and more about my co-workers sharing with me anyway… 🙂

  6. One of my favorite books I would have everyone I shared it with write their name in the front so I would know who read it with me…. It made it special until someone didn’t return it! Ha ha.

  7. I understand; it was so very kind and considerate of your co-workers to gift you the two books. 🙂

  8. I looked on the internet to see if it said anything about King using a computer to write his stories. There were a lot of interviews with him about how to write… I couldn’t really find much to substantiate what your friend said? And of course, when he started, it said he wrote on a typewriter…so?? 🙂

  9. Ha ha….Someone pointed out to me that King’s eyesight is getting worse and worse. So maybe he uses the computer and talks into it somehow and it helps type the words? Maybe this is what your friend meant? IDK? It appeared from what I read that he wrote his stuff…and crappy as the more recent stuff (I think) has become. 🙂

  10. Well, to get it on the record, in this case, I didn’t mean it initially in a negative way. I liked the quote and thought it was cool. I maybe used the word quaint in response to you being silly about the quotation marks and you being silly again…. 🙂

  11. Congratulations… You have caring people around you..

    I are enjoying every bit of those moments and gifts.

    By the way …How is your life otherwise…

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