The Watchful Eye


I kiss my hand to the moon
Watching over souls
So far from me
Shedding strawberry light
After the longest weary day

They come nonstop
Their limbs askew
The victims of war
No place of peace
Dying in fear

But the brave persist!
To care for these torn
Those sworn to heal
Though they have no supplies
They stay
And touch
And do what they can
And watch their comrades die

It is their oath that keeps them
Some remember it still
As the moon looks down
With Her watchful eye
And I look back
Knowing there is good yet
In the world



18 thoughts on “The Watchful Eye

  1. I don’t know why these posts are not coming up in reader. I have a lot of wordpress problems. I like the poem πŸ˜‰

  2. Of course I’m following you silly. That is how I got the last post of yours, but the other ones I didn’t. The reader helps me a lot and unless I only had 30 people I follow then I could go site by site. But it doesn’t only do it to some of yours but to others too where I get none of their posts in reader which sucks because with adhd I can get so lost. It probably is the theme that needs updating but its free and I am afraid of losing my whole site of I change it. Yikes:)

  3. hehe No I;m still trying to figure it out. But I did notice a redirection on log in for wordpress…hmmm.

  4. Actually thinking of one of the new episodes of “Orange is the New Black’ on Netflix. The paranoid inmate…the one who was the actress from Tank Girl…

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