Left Behind


Welcome to another weekend. We’re all worn out from work and this very sad week. Humans are so strange. We don’t understand why they hurt each other so much. My sisters and I aren’t from the same species, but I love them  and would never hurt the fur balls.


Sometimes my two sisters are kind of a pain and try to eat my food. Or they may get annoyed with each other, but when Mom is away at work, we make up and keep each other company. We know she comes home tired and sad from all the bad stuff the her species do to each other. At times I hear her cry and it makes me sad too.


If I can’t make her feel better, then I just get sad. I don’t want the world to be a bad place anymore. Because if anything ever happened to my Mom, I’m not sure what would happen to us…..


8 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. I was thinking about what happens to the animals of people like the victims of Orlando or other shootings… What if no-one knows they are waiting at home for their people to come home?? Blah….

  2. I can’t help but think it with my pets… Someone on the radio here said they lived across the street and saw all the cars left behind. It just made me think…. ugh.

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