Someone asked me recently if I was happy that I made the move here… It was a complicated question, well, maybe more a complicated answer.

In thinking about it, I realized that I’m in a transitional stage in my life. While I’m surrounded by so many more people living here than I was in my small New England town, I am now much more alone. And in my work place, it’s loud and the energy is intense–yet I feel in this odd impermeable bubble. Or want to be anyway.


Loving my weekends, by myself either at home or walking outside quietly (avoiding the busy dog parks), it made me realize that this is a hermit stage in my life. At first I thought I might be missing something not gathering lots of new friends around me, but then it suddenly came to me, that there’s something very right and comfortable during these passing moments of gathering solitude.

In my recent past, I’ve been a Mother and care-taker in my job. These both took lots of energy I didn’t mind giving. Now, just rebuilding my own resources and not helping anyone else is a welcome gift. The peace of silence is necessary and rejuvenating.


This realization came as a surprise, but as I settle within my lone hermit archetype, life feels less stressful and more content. Maybe the next stage will be about community, but for now, in answer to the question if I am happy that I moved here: I’m blessed to have this opportunity to have the time to experience this contemplative phase.



26 thoughts on “Hermit

  1. People always say I’m a hermit I don’t think you are not leaving your house like me that’s a hermit haha 👍

  2. I think sometimes it is good to be somewhat alone, and to concentrate on ourselves for a while. Life brings many phases, and it sounds as if you are making the most of this one! Peace to you…

  3. The thing that was odd was that I didn’t expect it. I figured when I got here I would make new friends and have a very social life. So it’s taken some getting used to Ann, but it’s fine now….

  4. Well, not really ‘at home’…this would never be home to me. And as soon as I can move I will. But I am managing better day to day!! If I recall, the photos are from where I moved in NE… I miss it. 🙂 Thanks for the comment! xo

  5. Life doesn’t always go as we’d like. Being willing to find something good it it anyway (such as you and your mom appreciating having each other near) makes all the difference! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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