A Good Doctor


A moment of chillin at work last night.

One good thing about evenings is the occasional personal conversation with someone because it’s quiet.

It was my incredible good fortune to talk with the very orthopedic surgeon I had decided to use for my rotator cuff surgery. He was just hanging out at the desk waiting for a case so I told him my situation.

Much to my surprise and delight, he said surgery should be our last option! He directed me to call his office so we can discuss all other non-invasive options first.

I love this guy! He immediately understood that I can’t afford to be knocked out of my life for months. Everyone else was doom and gloom, but not him.

So now I am much more hopeful that maybe with good therapy, some shots, grit and good guidance that I won’t have to go under the scope.

My arm actually feels better already!



8 thoughts on “A Good Doctor

  1. Haha awesome! and loved the squirrel picture. this post was natural, and easy and simple. your photo at work too was splennnndidly fit right into the post.the squireel is just funnnny

  2. It is rare and wonderful to find a Doctor who is willing to try letting our bodies help us before the invasive stuff. I had a wonderful GP who was willing to work with me when I didn’t want to go on a certain medication. We are so much better off having some control over our medical decisions. I am happy you found a Doc who has respect for your situation!!

  3. omgoddessness !! i have tears of joy for you !!! i adore and love you so much – i’m so glad you do your blog so i am reminded of my blessedness to have you in my life !

  4. And you my dear friend should know better than most! I feel pretty lucky that this guy was more positive than most. Of course I don’t know for sure yet, but it was more hopeful at least! At least he’ll listen! 🙂 xo

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