You Never Know….

Well, sometimes things don’t go the way you expect, but they go the way they are meant to I suppose.

On my way into work my Doctor’s office called with the results from my MRI of my right arm. I’ve been suffering from lots of pain, loss of movement and lack of sleep. I honestly feared the worse, but as a typical healthcare worker, I have been in avoidance mode. It’s my right arm, my dominant one, and the thought of being out of commission for any length of time is so scary to me!

But, I could wait no longer and went. And the results were in: deep tissue tear in my rotator cuff and degenerative scarring in my bicepΒ . In other words, not good! And most likely surgery–rotator cuff surgery. Blah.

So with this news, I drove to work ready to give my notice–knowing that I would lose my insurance. Double blah.

I left the letter anyway, because mental health is important too! And I’ve suffered there enough. With all the support of friends, family and you bloggers, I was prepared to do what I had to do.


My immediate supervisor got my ‘love note’ as she called it and brought me into her office. She asked what prompted it and then got the big boss in too. I just ranted about all the stuff I felt: the disrespect, the yelling, the complaining etc. And about the good job I do. They agreed that none of the bad stuff should be happening and that I DO a good job. She wondered why I hadn’t called her when it happened the other night…

Hmmm, I didn’t know I could actually, and would it have changed anything? She assured me they have a zeroΒ tolerance policy for this kind of behavior from Doctors or anyone. They agreed to take care of it.

Will it help or will it be worse with that particular Doctor now? I don’t know. But what I do know is that losing my insurance at this juncture would be devastating financially. I’m not sure if these people really think I’m so all fired terrific or if they are just really desperate for employees to sit at that front desk. It’s a pretty rotten job and not a lot of people want to do it.


They are putting me back on days next week which is good. I like it better and my desk mate is much easier to work around. It’s also better for my pets and me. So that will help. So for now, I take it one day at a time and see what happens…

And while I can still type, I say: thanks for all your support! xo


19 thoughts on “You Never Know….

  1. Hard situation and I agree, mental health is so important. You know, I been struggling since last year Feb with health issues and was without medical insurance. Problem is, it speaks of total poverty within a year which does nothing for depression. I’m trying to get back up but it seems impossible, although some whisper off a cloud maybe one day might land here. I wish you the best in the whatever choice you make πŸ™‚

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, and hope that the surgery (if you have to have it) is not too painful and your recovery is swift. And I’m glad it’s working out at your job, the insurance will help a lot! Take care, my friend!

  3. Yes, sweeties, it’s been kind of a mess. Typical poo at work…rude Doctors and people. Got tired of it and tried to quit again, but then management said they’d fix it. That remains to be seen. But found out too that my shoulder needs surgery, so can’t really lose my insurance anyway! 😦 It’s kind of a mess. Blah. Thanks for your love and support.

  4. Well…that could be a little tough when I hear the stories about how tough the surgery and recovery is….I deal with pain well, as I now know with how bad the injury is and how long I’ve been coping. So I’d rather have a vacation for pleasure. This will be a one armed sitting around not being able to do anything I love to do, hurting during PT blah blah. But I will make the best of it and heal quickly luckily. xoxo

  5. Thanks love. I have a feeling this is years worth of injuries and then old age on top! πŸ™‚ I hear this is a long haul, but luckily I heal fast usually…hopefully. Being w/o my right arm will stink. But I am thinking positively. xo

  6. It is a viscous cycle! I think the pain from the arm has kept me from sleeping which has added to my depression and negative outlook on everything! I deal with physical pain amazingly well, so have put this off for months, but now it just must be done! And we all know, with our healthcare system, it will cost me thousands of dollars out of pocket. So it’s foolish to lose insurance at this juncture–that would be depressing too. It’s all a toss up. xo

  7. Oh boy, you’re gonna need all the help you can get. I guess staying with them is the better choice for now because of the surgery. I hope things go sooner and smoother with this issue, those people 😦

  8. Yeah I get it the sleep deprivation thing πŸ™‚ I also get being done with a job, the depression and the aggravation of health problems! Boy it is a lot to deal with. I have so much empathy for you right now and will remind you to just hang in there πŸ™‚

  9. But that counts for so much…I can’t even tell you what everyone’s support on here means to me. I have no friends where I’ve moved, so I look to any support I can find. This blog has given me a lot!! You are one of the lovely people that has been steady here and I appreciate it dear! xo

  10. Oh man, the things we do for more stability, we’d much rather be close to friends 😦 Keep us updated on how things go. Love ❀

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