Is It OK To Dream?

In the middle of a three day weekend. Lately I’ve been having trouble staying in my ‘now’. I’ve been drifting off into yesterday and tomorrow a lot and I know that’s not good. Sigh.

I’m perfectly aware why it’s happening–it’s the reasons within the now that make me think about different times, both past and future. And it’s also my personality: when it comes to the past, it’s me trying to reconcile the imperfections; with the future, the dreamer pops out.


But where does that leave me now? It’s never good to waste away one’s time not being in the moment. Yes, yes–I know. When I catch myself floating off into another time/space dimension, I do my best to pull myself back to reality and notice the beauty around me. We can always find something good, something compelling if we dig really deep–it just, at times, that the digging must go really far.


So that’s when my time, my rare and precious spare time, can get spent dreaming, searching, thinking and meditating about different points on my life line, .

Then, I ask myself: is time linear? If not, then maybe it’s OK to dream.



16 thoughts on “Is It OK To Dream?

  1. There was an interesting TED talk I just saw about dreams. Some guy that can maybe get a grip on trying to manipulate them!! Then they won’t be! šŸ™‚

  2. Again, this is an older post. But yes, we must dream while being present in the moment. This moment is really all we have. I can’t recall if I enjoyed that 3 day weekend or not, but I am now unemployed for now, so every day is peaceful. šŸ™‚

  3. I am about on the unemployment line myself working for an offshore company who prefers their own…I do worry about my future.

  4. It’s scary. I am lucky that I moved here to be closer to my elderly Mom and she is helping me financially. But I would like to provide for myself and not drain her money. I am taking an online course soon, so hopefully that will help me find work! Good luck to you.

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