Before me I stand on the brink of a three day weekend. Ahhhh. Today a lovely co-worker said some kind and thoughtful words to me–unusual in that cold and harsh world. Most days the words are indifferent at best and rude at worst. But a small miracle happened today and someone showed kindness.

I already went out tonight to eat with Mom and her friend. For some reason I can’t seem to slim down the way I had hoped here in the warm weather. My old bones and busy days seem to keep my athletics low key, therefore the pounds on. Dinner out doesn’t help. But it was a nice visit.


Tomorrow, if I get the nerve, I may visit a Buddhist monastery/teaching center. It’s an open house so a good day to go. I need to see what it’s all about and find some different folks.

Then who knows….anything may happen. Or not.

On a strange note: my oldest told me that an ex-boyfriend of hers has been taken into custody for murder. Quite disturbing and creepy, but honestly not surprising. We all knew him at a challenging time in her life and found him to be a very troubled young man. Family issues and other grave problems have most likely landed him in this place.

That was a time when I kept him close to me so I would have my daughter close, while knowing it was like feeding a wild lion. But I felt I had no choice at the time–do that, or lose my kid. I gambled. Luckily I won, but I see now by this news how close I came to losing.



8 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Sad, murder…spooky how far man is willing to go in a rush of passion…positive or negative.

    The temple sounds like a nice option…

  2. Wow, that is really scary! But you definitely did the right thing. A lot of times when we assert our opinions, especially over a loved one, and the person isn’t ready to hear it they will reject it and push further away. That’s why I always try and tell my friends that I support them no matter what and try to focus on their positives instead of the negatives in their significant others. Eventually they tend to realize they are not a fit or deserve better and move on as no outer force is the cause to push them together. And I’m sure you already knew all that as that’s exactly what you did! :p Anyway, I’m glad he is no longer a part of your family’s lives.

  3. oh my goddess my beautiful friend – i love you forever — with you with gentleness always

  4. Yes, it was a rough time for her/us. I’m not sure it was patience…so much as survival. We were all hanging on by threads during that time. She’s fine now and thriving!

  5. It was a rough and tricky time for all of us. He was a sad and hurt soul. I’m sure his troubles caught up with him. It’s hard to judge, but we were lucky in many ways really. I’m not sure at the time I actually knew what I was doing. It was imply gut instinct and just trying to help the best I could. xo

  6. He was a very ill young man with a very messed up upbringing. At good times, he wasn’t so bad. I’m not sure where his path took him…obviously not a great place. I’m betting he wasn’t in control of his actions and may have under the influence… Or off of meds. Maybe self defense? Who knows? He ran with a sketchy crowd.
    Yes, I may go tonight depending on many things…if not tonight, then sometime! ❤

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