Crazy Crystals


Finely you sit
I recall the image in my dream
Drifting upward
Floating as though I was flying
Like you do
At a whim
Rising above it all
Whereas I only made it as high as the alarm


All those piles of crystals
Like a millionaire’s stash
But only because of my fascination
Turning rock into aquatic creature


And what did you become?
After you didn’t jump
That heart thumping moment
As you morphed before my eyes
The pull backwards
So strong my hair hurt
That hair
The face
You belonged in a zoo


Wait now
A noise
The deep sucking back
Thickness and lingering
Where are you now?
And the crystals
All gone

Note: now seeing these photos blown up, I am noting there are two butterflies together! How wonderfully amazing… I can only wonder at what they are doing together, so this may be an ‘X’ rated post!!


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