I just watched the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’. Powerful and moving.

You know, in looking back at my life, most days I feel there isn’t much I’ve done right. Many wrong decisions, paths not taken (or the wrong one) and many people I hurt along the way.

But the best decision I ever made, back when I was 21, was to give up meat–then poultry and seafood. And now, for years, dairy too.


It was not easy back in those days being a vegetarian, not fashionable or cool. There was never anything on the menu and people were very intolerant of my continual pestering of wait staff or at family meals.

But it was important to me. My turning point came in college, after taking animal industry classes–it was then that I knew I could no longer be a participant in the animal industry. There were many reasons and I won’t bore you with them here.

Now today, my 21 year old instinct seems to have proven correct. And I’m glad that I followed my heart despite ridicule  (which I still sometimes face) and the continued need to justify my choice. Now I can tell anyone to watch this documentary and they can see why I did it!

There isn’t a lot I have to be proud of, or much that I feel that I have contributed as a human being, but these staggering statistics make me glad and grateful that in this one choice at least, I can feel I picked the right path.



4 thoughts on “Vegan

  1. I’m a Vegan too, have been so since I was 16.
    Thanks for the recommendation, after I read your post the other day, I watched “Cowspiracy” and found it to be an excellent and informative documentary.

    For folks who don’t have Netlix, here it is on Vimeo:

  2. Thanks so much for watching it. I have always tried hard not to push my beliefs on others just as I don’t like others to do that to me. But I feel we are in very grave times now and if we don’t change our habits, we will find ourselves without a home….

  3. I’m the same way, I don’t like to preach, I like how you talked about your experience, that’s different than preaching, it gives people something to think about…
    The thing about the documentary that was an eye opener was that it showed how the so called “environmental societies” are silencing the information in the video.
    It truly is a *must watch*, in my opinion, because most people believe that he number one cause of climate change is fossil fuels, but the video shows otherwise (not that fossil fuels aren’t a disaster for the planet, they are part of a mess of assaults to her).

  4. That’s the part I found unbelievable!! It’s always all about money sadly! I’ve given money to some of those organizations too! Blah. It was very disheartening. And folks do not realize that every time they eat a burger or bacon they are contributing majorly to so many bad things. I wish more people would understand this….but they just don’t want to stop their easy lifestyles. So no planet for their children or grandchildren. That’s what they don’t get. 😦

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