Knowledge is power. But sharing that knowledge, for me, is empowering.

Just as many scientists now are choosing to put their data and experiments out in the open community where others can hopefully build on it and come up with new and better treatments or other hopeful changes for humanity, I believe information we have should be shared.

Keeping knowledge to one’s self either to feel you will be invaluable or smarter than someone else puts the ego ahead of the greater good. And ultimately this leads to less in the long run. To me this kind of thinking breaks down eventually along the track and diverges off the trail of a whole and compassionate planet.

Even thinking like this on the smallest level, when we hang onto the tiniest bit of information just to make ourselves look bigger, only serves to hurt us in the long run.

So as I gather my knowledge, which by the way I love to do, I’m thrilled when I meet another person on this crazy journey. And if we’re lucky we can stop for some moments in time to exchange bits of things we’ve gathered along the way.



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