Come with us if you want to live.

Many of you know that I am a vegan. I haven’t watched this yet, but hope to find it and watch it soon. I became a vegetarian, now vegan in college almost 40 years ago. Some of the issues shown here are the reason. I sensed back the, as a kid, there were bad consequences with raising and eating meat/chicken/seafood. Now the problem is upon us. I’m not usually very political, but I know many of my followers are informed and interesting people, so I figured I would share.

Violet's Vegan Comics

We do our best to inspire people towards veganism but are very careful not to push too hard.  We don’t want to frighten people away so we take the gently, gently approach with stories and colourful pictures and poems.

But after watching Cowspiracy in full yesterday I realise there isn’t actually time to do it gently.

If this planet and all its inhabitants have any chance of survival, the entire human population must make the transition to veganism NOW.  And when I say transition I don’t mean gradually, one meat-free day a week.  I mean now.  I mean overnight.  There’s no more time for gently gently.  Everyone needs to know about the urgency; about the crisis we are in.

World leaders and leading charities have shamefully kept quiet about the devastation caused by animal agriculture.  The destruction of the rainforests, the dead zones in the oceans, the pollution of the…

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16 thoughts on “Come with us if you want to live.

  1. And I want to believe for our kids. I plan to watch it on Netflix this weekend. I’ll tell you how it is… It’s one reason I’ve been eating no meat for almost 40 years though!!

  2. When you instinctively know that the people that are supposed to repersent us are liers and on the take, it is hard to believe that things are gonna get better

  3. See, I have a different take: I feel each one of us are responsible for this planet and our well being for each other and ourselves. I don’t put it on the politicians or other people. If I don’t do my little bit, then it’s my own fault if things fall apart. It’s simply a cop out, in my humble opinion, to pin the problems on others if we aren’t doing things ourselves first. 🙂 Just my two cents. Change begins with me.

  4. I recycle as much as possible, have reduced my vehicle use to the minimum, live in an insulated building with environmentally friendly heating. The company I work for has been involved in projects to re-use waste heat and generate power from bio degradable waste. But I still reckon we are all buggered and its all too little too late.

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