No Excuses


Sometimes even hiding away from the world and trying to beat the stress of the week, we just can’t get away from it. Someone finds us in the underbrush, says something unsettling or unnecessary, and our hackles go up. Much as we may try to blend in, they find us, almost determined to disturb our peace.


They don’t really care because they have only one agenda: their own! Find them, sniff them out and ruffle their fur. Maybe they find humor in it or think it’s a power game.


Well today I took the horse by the tail and spoke back. Answered the group email that included my name even though the accusations had nothing to do with me. To tell me to ignore it is ridiculous when it was sent to me. Then don’t include me if I am not to blame! And to make up lame excuses to disturb me on my weekend is rude.

Each interaction we have in life is choice in how we choose to conduct it, whether via email, text or face to face. So in my estimation there are no excuses when we upset the other person, because most likely, we could have done a better job in the first place.



14 thoughts on “No Excuses

  1. Well, later in life, I’ve learned to stay silent longer (I used to just blow), but I get to a boiling point and then I just don’t put up with bullying any longer. Funny, but people say to me now: you’re just too nice. They don’t really know me well, they just see what I am trying to learn: more compassion and kindness and less impatience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I doubt this woman will learn. It’s this whole Internet/text way of communicating with people now. There is no responsibility for people’s feelings. It makes it easy to be mean and rude. It really irks me!

  3. It’s too easy to be pushy and intrusive, too. I find that people ask me questions they have no business asking. There’s been a real erosion of manners, all urged by businesses, where profit is king.

  4. So funny you should say that! My landlady prompted this blog post and she even wrote that: money drives everything. To which I promptly replied that I completely disagreed. That kindness and compassion moved me! Jeepers! Are you kidding?

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