Poem: Crossroad


Forever at a crossroad
Missteps from the past
These paths with footfalls
Etched in grains of time


Hard not to blame
Scold that weathered image
Those eyes
Staring now wondering
Which way to go


And it all just rolls on
The bottom is stirred
Debris swirling upward 
Flooding the surface


Walk on
Walk on
To the next crossroad
Which way to turn?


22 thoughts on “Poem: Crossroad

  1. Thanks dear….the sand ones are actually on a sidewalk! It must have been when it rained washing the sand from the surrounding area across the area…I thought it was cool.

  2. I first began to read that one rainy summers day in a 17th century house owned by my grandfather back in 1974. Summer holidays were pretty cool šŸ™‚

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