Poem: Solitude Of Self

Traveling through life
In voracious vessels
Floating on self doubt
And sinking in wasted waters
Murky with mistakes


Dipping paddles over and over
Hearing the silent slice
The pushing ahead
By elbow grease and free will
Only to look back
And realize the trail has disappeared

Slipping close by shore
Now and again
Trying to gain a foothold
Scraping bottom—fearing the worst
It all looks wrong
Close up
Pristine landscapes littered and strewn
Tangled trees standing guard


Creeping toward the coast
Standing firmly for a moment
Feet spread wide
Face tilted towards the future
Shattering stillness settles


And then the journey within
Step after crazy step
It’s where this trip is going
What it’s all for
Mile after mile
Paddling on
Against any current
Over all waterfalls
To the top of mountains

The echoing solitude of the self
Crawl into it
Embrace it
And let it journey on



6 thoughts on “Poem: Solitude Of Self

  1. Thanks dear. It’s actually part of a palm tree filled with water after a bad storm. It reminded me of a canoe…hence the inspiration for the poem….!!

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