Chillin With Pals

On a relaxing Sunday it’s nice to to just hang out with the ones we love and feel most comfortable being around.


It doesn’t matter how bad our feet smell or if we are in their personal space, because hey, we are family. And family doesn’t care…most of the time.  We just hang out and dream our dreams together.

Or if we are lucky enough to have a neighborhood pal that we can share good smells and a few good barks too.


Some might mistake us for family, but we’re only friends. But sometimes friends can be just like family, being there for us when our family seem like they are from a different species  (and maybe they are). We love them anyway and our good friends too!


From this family to yours, we hope you all had a splendid weekend filled with friends, family and sparkling sunshine.


8 thoughts on “Chillin With Pals

  1. A splendid weekend indeed… filled with furry friend and gardening pal. Love the crystals photo🐕🌷🌼 Have a wonderful Monday my friend.

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