Well, today was the last straw at work. Someone that I thought was a nice person and sort of a friend (I don’t know anyone really well enough to call them a true friend), did something pretty yucky to me today. So now, after being pushed and soul searching, I’ve decided to resign tomorrow. And what better day than April Fool’s day.

I’m no fool!

After hearing about those two sad young men yesterday and their tragic stories, and listening to myself complain for three months, I decided enough is enough. Life really is just too short. While there are some very nice people there, the bulk of the energy is negative. I’ve learned (and accepted) enough about myself, that I am really an emotional sponge. One can’t simply say to me: Oh don’t let it bother you. No, it’s not possible. I take in all that is around me: the yelling, the gossiping, the mean talk, the shaming, the crabbiness, the rudeness and the direct negativity pointed at me.


I went into this job with high hopes and a good attitude and now I can’t sleep, have anxiety chest pain and feel exhausted every night when I go home. It’s simply time to walk away. This is a hard decision because I feel very guilty about leaving after only 3 months and letting the nice people down, not fulfilling obligations etc., but it’s not worth it in the end.

On to greener pastures…..

I’m toying with the idea of becoming a home health aide. Yes…yet a new career and more training at almost 60! But I love senior citizens, it’s a short class and there is a huge call for it down here. The pay is low, but I think the rewards might be great. I’d be back to actually helping people and maybe not being treated like a second class citizen. For me it’s about giving back. Feel free to put your two cents in….??

I seriously think you are doing the right thing Mommy!

On a good note: I got this wonderful ‘post card’ from one of my best blogging buddies today. He sent it like four weeks ago from England…he’s originally from there, but lives in NZ now. He’s on a 5 week trip all over the place. It took forever to get to me, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed it today. It’s called a ‘Timbergram’ and is made out of wood! I’ve never seen anything like it. 🙂 Thanks…(you know who you are!!)




15 thoughts on “Resignation

  1. I’m only liking this because we are sort of in the same boat, I gave my resignation the 24th after over ten years at Intel. No new job lined up. Plan to sell my Caludornia house and move into my Florida house in Melbourne. Like you, will just be trying to makes ends meet. ~D

  2. I am so glad you have made this decision. Enough is enough. A good friend of mine has her own home health aide business and thrives on the reward of making a difference in people’s lives. Go for it my friend.

  3. I’m so sorry this job didn’t work out. And I am always very hesitant to give personal advice, but I do think that the best thing you can do is to follow your heart. If you think being a home health care aide is the best choice, then I say, go for it! Hang in there….

  4. It was far more than that….there was tons of major negativity directed right at me. Very aggressive and offensive behavior. Also many ‘friendly’ but derogatory remarks all the time, which can be very offensive. It’s a gossipy and poorly managed placed where there can be little respect. I am almost 60 and have worked in many places in my life and have never experienced anything like this before. I understand there is always a certain amount of stuff everywhere. It is not as simple as ‘not getting involved’ sometimes when one is in the center of the action or something is directed at you. But as it turns out, I may not go for other reasons….. 🙂 Thanks for the input!!

  5. Interesting. Well I had only been there 3 months, so that’s a big difference! That must have been really hard. And I honestly have my Mom helping me to live here because even WITH a job, it’s completely hard for me to live here. It’s so expensive. I can hardly afford it…pay is terrible. As it turns out, I may not go…read tonight’s post!! Strange turn of events…. xo

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