Poem : Drone On


Some people drone on
And we want to walk away
Yet others are cool!

(Note: I came across a man and his drone today. A first for me. So of course I had to stop, ask him lots of questions and get a photo. Sadly he couldn’t connect to whatever he connects to–maybe satellite–so it wouldn’t fly. I was as disappointed as he was. He was attempting to photograph the gym where he worked for an advertising video–or so he said. Who knows, maybe he was really a spy. Either way, I thought it was cool and learned a lot–like most technology, when you need it to work, it won’t!)


10 thoughts on “Poem : Drone On

  1. I asked him about all the rules and regs here in the USA. They weren’t too bad…mostly to keep them from falling on people’s heads and crashing into planes…both not a bad idea! 🙂

  2. The small ones like this size likely won’t have any laws placed on them. Jonathan has one like this, though his doesn’t have the screen to watch the videos, but you can just record and then watch them when you get home.

    The small ones can fly pretty far, but the radio (not satellite…) signal can only go hundreds of feet.

    You do have to be careful in the wind to not lose them into a tree or whatever.

  3. It might be different in FL vs NH, but I’m pretty sure federally, our drone is too small for any laws. The larger ones have to be registered, and more regulations apply.

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