Something that I have never shared with my blogging community is that I have a dollhouse and love miniatures.


I also love anything vintage: jewelry, clothing and even mini’s. So this weekend when I noticed a sign for a dollhouse exhibit and sale right near my apartment, I was thrilled.

No birds yet….

After my walk, I strolled back to find miniature heaven! But I was particularly drawn to one vendor that sold many obvious vintage ones!


My weak spot is fairies/angels and some special babies. These two are old and handmade. They were sweet and I love to think about who might have made them or held them in their hands.

Notice the Marilyn Monroe calendar?

My house has three floors and is chock full.  Every corner has some special thing hidden.

Original painting by Victor Adams.

The vendor even had a hand painted framed painting from a local artist. Her mother knew the man who had died some years ago and they both must have been elderly. Even the frame looks so much like a genuine one.

A set of scrubs and the cabinet is full of medical supplies.

I also found two tiny cups that reminded me of some that my great Aunt gave me many years ago. The mini’s are metal, not plastic.


Most people would probably think I’m nuts, but I love it. I have fun looking at it and pretending I’m a kid again.

A two seater out house!

I don’t live in my wonderful house anymore, so I can have my imagination run wild with my miniatures. Although I am running out of room…which may mean that someday I will be a multiple home owner!

The tool box is full of little tools.
The kitchen

28 thoughts on “Mini

  1. very special. The magical worlds you create must be amazing. I believe we as adults are starved for creativity in our lives. Or at least I am. You have inspired me once again my friend……

  2. Well, this is really the only one…sort of. I have one large fairy statue that has some stuff around it too. And a few random things around, but this dollhouse is the only real set up…. 🙂

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