Trying to love the enemy, so to speak. It’s very easy to be kind and nice to those we like or who are good to us. It’s a lot harder to kiss the hand of the ones who snap at us, don’t include us or we know just don’t like us.

Yet it’s those very humans that we must sometimes force ourselves to see beyond their off-putting initial countenance. For on closer inspection, maybe there is some beauty hidden. Or, at the very least, it might make us feel good to take the high road.


It’s tempting to scurry away. I know I want to climb deep within the recesses of some dark cave and never emerge. Usually though, oddly, I do the opposite and offer the spider a fly (of sorts) to appease its voracious nature. And for a time at least, it backs off–maybe even offers me a tasty morsel if I’m really lucky.


The point being, that ultimately I’m creating Mitzvah: points in the book of heaven. Not that I believe in heaven particularly, but I do believe in doing good, being kind –even if it means facing a scary creature now and then –and if perchance I get some points besides, then all the better!


2 thoughts on “Mitzvahs

  1. I agree! It’s easy to be nice to the people we like, but much harder to be kind and patient with the people who drive us up the wall! But, if we’re smart, we do it anyway.

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