Through The Lens

wpid-20150120_164110.jpgI’ll be at my new job two months tomorrow! Where does the time go? It’s been interesting and a roller coaster ride. There have been many days I’ve wanted to walk for sure, but now I think I’m there to stay–for now anyway I suppose.

Initially I was told I had a three-month orientation period, but today my manager told me that I could swipe my badge out like a regular person–minus the orientation code. Hmmm? I thought I had one month to go? So I asked my front desk mate what he thought that meant…was I off orientation; was I doing a good job? He wasn’t quite sure, but he figured yes… Alrighty then, I’ll take it.


Today I had asked for a second computer so I could have two screens to toggle back and forth so I could be more efficient. The gal who works the shift after me (we overlap about 1.5 hours), is very upset about this and is resistant to change. But my shift is busier and I know it will help. The big boss said: make it so! I was pleased. So two positive things happened, even though I know I’ll get some push back from the other secretary. Oh well.

Funny, but by coincidence I got a random text from my old Fire Chief today by accident. He forgot to take me off a group text for fire permits. So I wrote him back for kicks. Told him that working at the fire station was like working at a Buddhist Monastery compared to working in an OR! He said he knew I’d miss him. It was a good laugh for us both.

The days pass quickly in life for sure. Two months flew by and the weeks just slam by. It’s been 27 years since my oldest baby was born on this date… Life was a whole different world for me then. She and I both have been through some powerful life experiences since that day she was born: some hard where we both faced death in the eye, others where we touched the source of love.

Through it all, as the days have flipped past, I realize that in the end–my daughter has really been the one to teach me rather than the other way around. As it is through the lens of our children’s lives that we learn to grow.



12 thoughts on “Through The Lens

  1. Two months??!! Too fast my friend, too fast. And a happy to your oldest…..such fun playtime there with our girls. Happy memories in all those bygone days…..

  2. Wow!!! The first picture is amazing! Love the others as well. Great post. My daughter as been an inspiration and a source of love and understanding. She keeps me grounded and reminds of why I here each time I lose focus. Thanks for sharing. Thank God for daughters (children).

  3. This was a lovely read! I’m glad it seems everything is going well at your new position 🙂 two screens for keeping busy wow, don’t let the pushback get to you – you’re doing the right move

  4. That was my beautiful lake near my home in NE…I miss it home so much. I used to walk by it at least once a day, sometimes two. 😦 I was so blessed to live near there for the time I did. I have not found any place as lovely here yet, certainly not on my daily walk. Yes I have 3 daughters and they are all my teachers…I joke it’s why I have white hair! 🙂

  5. Crazy huh? And yes…it’s been how many years since you baby sat? Like 25 or something…ahhhh. That sounds like such a long time. But great memories. Hey your kids are getting big too kiddo! 🙂

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